A Little Bit About Us

What is the Provincial Walsh Trust Bolton and what does it do?

The PWT manages assets of around £1m and uses the income on these assets of approximately £30,000 a year, to grant fund projects which contribute to improving wellbeing and strengthening communities. It has a general charitable purpose for the public benefit. The PWT is not specifically a Bolton charity although over the years the Trustees have been keen to focus on those most in need within the Borough of Bolton. Our grants are open to all individuals, community groups and non- profit organisations within the Borough and as long as the funding will have a direct benefit to the local community then we are happy to consider your application.

We particularly want to support projects which benefit young people either in school or in the community. In addition, in line with the original objects of the charity, we do also focus support on the Old Harwood area of Bolton.

Who we are?

Established 1950.

While the Trust you see today was only formally created in the early 21 st Century, our roots go as far back as the early 1950’s. The Provincial Trust was initially set up following a donation from the Provincial Insurance Company. More recently the charity was able to expand its reach within Bolton Borough when it merged with the Walsh’s Trust, a charity originally set up to distribute money from the sale of the Walsh’s Institute in Harwood. More recently still the Trust received a bequest from the estate of John Needham.

The charitable objects of the merged Trust focus on general charitable purposes for the public benefit including education and on young people and over the years the Trustees have aimed to fund individuals and groups for educational or social benefit focussing on those in need. The terms of the Walsh’s Trust require that funds are available, but not exclusively, for educating persons under 25 in the Old Harwood area.

Meet our Trustees & Secretary

Our Trustees bring with them a diverse range of experience and knowledge from the charitable, public and private sectors: and with an investment portfolio of more than £1m, the charity looks to facilitate greater investment in charities, community groups and individuals in the Bolton area.

David Porter.

Chairman of the Trust, David was instrumental in merging the two trusts together and has since overseen its growth in Bolton. A solicitor by trade, he is seen as an expert on Charity Law, advising numerous charities and lecturing widely.

Brian Broughton.

A retired accountant with a wife and four children, Brian has for the past 40 years been active in the local communities where he has lived; Bolton, Chester and the North East. He has been, or still is, involved with church groups, scout groups, school PTAs and sports clubs.

Christine Ellis.

A retired planner and project manager with over 30 years experience in the public sector; following retirement Christine has supported a local community group.

Peter Steele.

Now retired, Peter was the Managing Director of Hanburys, the family business, until 1997. As well as the Trust, where he has been a member for over 5 years, Peter is actively involved in the Bolton Scouting Movement; where he is Group Scout Leader of the 17th.

Carol Corbett.

Having extensively worked for the public sector, including the Bolton, Rochdale and Rugby Councils, and in a primary school Carol is now actively involved in volunteering in the Bolton area. As well as the Trust, she is a young person’s mentor with the Bolton Lads and Girls Club, works with local charities and is a Governor at a local school.

Robert Binks.

A retired qualified accountant, Robert worked in the finance and Chief Executives Department for Bolton Council for over 30 years, where he specialised in government grant funding and regeneration programmes. Working with the Trust since 1986, he became Treasurer in 2015 and was appointed as a Trustee in 2017.

Joan Bohan. Secretary to the Trust.

A retired executive assistant of 40 years’ experience Joan has provided valuable support to the Trustees and to applicants since 2011.


Funding Opportunities

We aim to support as many people as possible.

We have over the last 10 years funded mainly small and medium-sized projects from £100 upwards. The average grant is around £570, and we have awarded over 650 grants in total. These have been across a range of activities including:

 Arts/Culture/Music
 Environmental
 Health/Care/Support
 Learning & Development
 Inter faith activities
 Social & Community
 Sport & Leisure

We welcome applications from charities, voluntary and community groups and local, regional or national organisations, where the beneficiaries are local, and also from individuals in the Bolton area who need particular assistance to reach their educational, social, creative or sporting potential.

What We Can’t Fund?

In common with most grants aimed at benefitting local communities there are a number of costs which we cannot fund, these include:

 loans or interest payments
 religious or political activities
 profit-making activities
 new buildings or major refurbishments
 VAT you can reclaim
 statutory activities
 alcohol or drugs
 costs that were already paid for before you were awarded funding by us

To read more about what we can and can’t fund download the guidance note here or email The Secretary to the Trust at secretary@pwtb.org.uk for an electronic or paper copy.

Charities. Community Groups.

Community Projects. Individuals.

What We Fund?

What We’ve Funded?

Our the years, we have funded numerous initiatives, charities and community groups within the Bolton Borough. Take a look at what we’ve done.


Money Awarded Since 2011


Money Awarded across the Trust year April 2022 - October 2022

How Can I Apply?

Applying Couldn’t Be Any Easier.

Read Our Guidance Notes.

This sets out who can apply and how, e.g., project outline -value of project, match funding, eligibility, location, beneficiaries/benefits, what background to submit in support of your application, deadlines, how applications are assessed, timing of decisions, letting you know the outcome of the assessment

Download the guidance note here or email The Secretary to the Trust at secretary@pwtb.org.uk for a paper copy

Download the Application Form.

Download the application form here or email The Secretary to the Trust at secretary@pwtb.org.uk.

Complete Your Application Form.

You can either do this on your computer or print it off and complete it by hand and then email it to the Secretary at the address below. Make sure you understand what information should be submitted in support of your application by reading the guidance note

Submit Your Application Form.

Please email: secretary@pwtb.org.uk

How does the Trust assess your application?

Each application is considered on its merits considering who benefits from the project, the availability of match funding and whether it meets The Trust’s charitable purpose.

Download the guidance notes here for more information on the assessment process or email The Secretary to the Trust at secretary@pwtb.org.uk for a paper

Please note that in line with GDPR and  the Charity Commission’s requirements, the Trust will retain and store applicants’ details securely for 6 years. Please refer to the Privacy Policy of the Provincial Walsh Trust Bolton, which can be downloaded from the website.

Applying for April?

Deadline: 27th March

Applying for October?

Deadline: 27th September.


Anything not clear about the application process or the assessment process?

Simply get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Registered Address:

Fieldings Porter,
32 Silverwell Street, 
BL1 1PT.